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What People Say

Maria is remarkable in her artistic vision, her attention to detail

and her ability to accommodate style & practicality.

Her knowledge of construction, design and architectural nuances is extensive.

—  T.B

Maria is a pleasure to work with. She understood our needs and respected our budget. She offered several options and held our hand throughout a stressful renovation project. She always came up with good solutions and the outcome was more than we could have ever expected.

Her experience and knowledge were greatly appreciated.

We were very happy with her services.

—  L.M.

We were referred to Maria when we decided to do some renovations at home.

She had  the perfect way of understanding what is right for the way we live.

She patiently walked us through the plans and accommodated them to our needs. She understood our personal style.

She made suggestions that incorporated our furniture and added complimentary accessories. She worked brilliantly with our contractor and together they achieved a great outcome for us.

—  M.K.

I’ve been a builder and contractor for 20 years now and every time I call for Maria’s services she never disappoints.


The clients love her style, they like her attention to detail and her lively personality that makes every project more enjoyable.

She is very helpful to all the trades and they all like working with her.

She understands construction and is flexible in finding different options when the original option is not possible.


Thank you, Maria, for making our jobs so much easier.

—  L.C.

In 2014 we were fortunate to connect with Marie Pacitto of MPC Consulting through a simple Real Estate transaction, but there is nothing simple or ordinary about Marie.


It is with great pleasure to highly recommend her services no matter the complexity, style or budget. She has a team of professionals behind her, but her talents are deep rooted, and her service is very personal and hands on.

She truly listens to her clients. She does large and small transformations, from simple designs to total blow-out extensions, she has transformed many of

our clients homes and her work speaks for itself. No two homes are ever the same, she touches every style and taste, and is always one step ahead of the current trends. When you meet her, you will definitely come to appreciate her talent and dedication to her clients. She has great taste and decorating ideas.


Thank you Marie!

—  Mary Thibault REMAX

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