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Consultations on Design Solutions for today’s Living

Scheduling a design consult is not only important while planning a new project but it can save you valuable time and costly mistakes. The planning of a project is a very important FIRST step in achieving a successful result.

What to expect from an interior design  consultation?

I will take the time to understand exactly what your needs are and discuss your vision and your budget. This is a jam-packed session full of important information that kicks your project into gear. We will discuss whatever challenges you are experiencing with the existing space, learn about your concerns and your lifestyle and how to best incorporate all these needs. I will offer many possibilities and together we will discover what is the best style and solution for you.

This process is a very important part of the design process.

Discussion goals in point form:

-discuss your project goals

-review the existing space

-go over all your questions and pictures if you have any

-decide on your budget and if its attainable

-start a plan, problem solving, ideas, and products

-create a project road map

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