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  • When Should I hire an Interior Designer?
    The right time to reach out to an interior designer is before or at the same time you hire a general contractor, and architect. A knowledgeable designer is able to direct you on your needs and specifically identify the right style and functionality of your project. A designer can help you achieve and enhance the results that you are envisioning.
  • How does a designer find your STYLE?
    This is the phase where I usually tell my clients that they have to tell me everything about their lifestyle, they’re likes and dislikes. It’s important that a designer gets to know their clients on a personal level. This is where the initial CONSULT is very important. In this meeting, I will ask a lot of questions and listen to all your concerns. Your answers will tell me what is important to you, what makes you feel good, and what you want your project to say about you.
  • What if I want to do all the work and just want a plan?
    This is where I strongly suggest my Consultations. I can help you with the initial plan and as you proceed with you project, I can help direct you if you have questions and need assistance.
  • How does one set a project budget?
    Most people get so excited about the creative process first and only look at the budget at the end. In my experience this creates many disappointments and unrealistic goals. We should never start a project without setting a budget. The budget is a road map to see what the best possible solution is to achieve with the budget you have. It is an important step, where the client finds out more about fees and what services cost. Many times, our wants are radically changed when the cost is known. Your investment guides you also in your choices and a good designer will help you with the budget first so you will have a realistic picture.
  • Why bring in a designer early in the Construction phase?
    A designer will have the whole scope of your project. You will then have someone helping you with every crucial decision that may come up at the construction phase. Designers are trained to realize the whole vision of the project from start to finish. They accommodate trades/ contractors with answers you may not be prepared to answer. A good designer will guide you and be your advocate through the process.
  • Renovation shows, why is this different from the shows I see on TV?
    I address this subject because over the years Reality TV has misled many people when it comes to interior Design. I often get many questions on” how is it so simple on TV”, or “so inexpensive on TV”. We have to remember that this is a TV show that is meant to entertain you and peak your interest. What you see on TV is the results, not the true process or the true costs. Most reality shows are sponsored by suppliers for the true costs and what you actually see is months of pre planning that is never disclosed. The whole point of these shows is the BIG MARVELOUS reveal at the end without the real process.
  • What’s the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?
    If you are looking at just revamping your style with new furnishings, accessories and color palettes, then this service is considered decoration. Most interior designer are qualified for these services. If your project includes construction, extensions, and renovations you will then need to work with an interior designer, this is not a service a decorator can accomplish successfully.
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